Authentic Asian Sauces

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Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Lee Kum Kee has been the global leader in authentic Asian sauces and ingredients since 1888.

Our global presence is advantageous, providing constant insight on international food trends and facilitating new product development. Resources include five manufacturing locations around the world with custom manufacturing capabilities, and R&D teams in the US and Asia. With GFSI BRC Audit Grade “A” 2016-2017, Lee Kum Kee is a brand known for quality and trust worldwide.

From Farm to Fork
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The key to maintaining our high standards is our “farm to fork” food safety management philosophy. We monitor every step of production to maintain quality, traceability, and transparency. We guarantee every product is safe and of the highest quality. Vertical Upstream Management
To ensure we use agricultural and marine-sourced ingredients of the highest quality, we use “vertical raw material control” to manage our key raw materials suppliers. We send our dedicated quality controllers to provide training to the farmers as well as oversee the production process to ensure proper use of pest control measures, pesticides, fertilisation and harvesting methods, thus avoiding any pollution or safety problems.

Great Effort on our Most Basic Sauces
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Although seasoning products like soy sauce and oyster sauce are everyday staples, we apply a great deal of effort and perseverance during the different aspects of production.
Quality Soybeans
- Farms are strictly monitored by dedicated quality controllers. 
- Made using non-GM soybeans Natural Whole Chilies. 
- Preserve the natural taste and spiciness for producing various flavor of chili sauces.
- Monitor the production to make sure the chillies are free from unauthorised additives and chemicals. 
- Insist on pickling whole chillies to preserve the natural taste and spiciness for producing various flavour of Chilli sauces. 
- Own and expertly nurture our oyster farms.                                                                                                                                                - Made from 100% fresh oysters. 
- Fresh oysters are processed and extracted on the day of harvest.

Our Global Manufacturing Facilities
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Modernisation, Automation, and Systemisation
- Soy sauce fermentation tanks are made of food-grade fibre-glass. We combine advanced equipment and traditional craftsmanship to produce high-quality soy sauces. 
- Automatic monitoring through our Man and Machine Interface (MMI) System ensures high accuracy throughout production. 
- High-speed sealed packaging lines protect product safety while maintaining quality standards. 
- Metal detectors and x-ray scanners help identify and eliminate foreign matter to ensure product safety.                                                  - Online quality monitoring equipment and information systems ensure quality of production. 
- All employees follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and undergo training regularly. Operation audit is performed every month. 
- We invest in technology and production management research. Many findings are converted into practical application and awarded with various patents and copyrights. 
- We provide environmental friendly products by enhancing overall production efficiency with due regard to environment impact – reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. 

Our Key Quality Assurances

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Supply Chain Traceability Management
- Comprehensive traceability system
- Track from raw materials, production, delivery, to the point of sale can be retrieved within hours
Strict Regulations and Statutory Standards
- With our own testing laboratories and regulatory and standards teams Most stringent food safety standards to meet the international food safety regulations in regions including China, the UK, the U.S., European Union and Japan.
- International Quality Certificates list 

Wide Variety of Products and Packaging
Lee Kum Kee’s products are readily available in a wide range of flavours and packaging to cater for different needs.