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About Lee Kum Kee - Our Brand

About Lee Kum Kee

Our Brand

Taste is in the Details

The best kept secret is appreciating the finer details — because a simple, flavourful sauce could be the secret behind any delightful meal. At Lee Kum Kee, we never compromise on quality from farm to fork, to bring out the best in your cooking, and help you serve up a sumptuous meal every time.

Stringent Quality Management
From Farm to Fork

As the preferred sauce of Michelin-starred chefs and home cooks around the globe, only the very best of the best ingredients are accepted. While sauces are an essential part of a dish, we are very serious about providing you with perfect sauces. We guarantee this through our dedicated quality controllers working alongside our farmers at every stage of the process. When your customers count on you to offer them the very best, rest assured your recipes are in great hands with Lee Kum Kee..

This is the Lee Kum Kee Zero Tolerance Quality Philosophy: 100-1=0. You can always count on us for quality.

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