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New Launch: Convenience Sauce of Classic Dishes

Lee Kum Kee newly launched a series of convenience sauces including Chinese Braising Sauce, Guizhou Chilli Sauce and Peppercorn Chilli Oil. It seasoned your life and further enhanced the taste and aroma of your home-made favourite Chinese dishes.

Chinese Braising Sauce

Combining the technique of experienced chef and advanced technology for its secret formulation, Chinese Braising Sauce is rich in taste with strong aroma simply braising food easily. You can stir fry the ingredients e.g. meat or vegetables then add in the sauce to make different signature braising dishes such as Braised Pork Belly, Braised Bean Curd and Noodles with Red Braised Beef at home bringing you the delicious taste of food.

Guizhou Black Bean Chilli Sauce

Lee Kum Kee Guizhou Black Bean Chilli Sauce is a savory and extra hot spicy sauce made with aromatic fermented black beans. It is excellent for dipping and stir-frying.

Peppercorn Chilli Oil

Lee Kum Kee Peppercorn Chilli Oil is made from selected peppercorn oil, soybean oil and chilli pepper. Its unique piquancy and distinctive aroma are great for dipping and cooking especially Sichuan food like "Dumpling with Chilli Oil" and "Simmered Beef in Hot Chilli Soup". To accent overall taste, add a few dashes to all dishes just before serving.