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Chinese Style Steamed Fish

Chinese Style Steamed Fish
Cooking Method: Steam  
Serving Size: 4-6  (person)
Preparation Time: 8   mins
Cooking Time: 10   mins


Fresh fish600 g [1 pc, dried]
Ginger (s)6 slices [shredded]
Green onion(s)3 pcs [shredded]
Chinese parsley3 sprigs
Hot oil 3 tbsp
Seasoned Soy Sauce for Seafood
Seasoned Soy Sauce for Seafood
100 ml


  1. Rub the fish with a little salt.
  2. Put shredded ginger on fish and steam for 10 minutes or until done.
  3. Pour away excess liquid.  Put shredded green onions and Chinese parsley on fish. Pour on hot oil and Lee Kum Kee Seasoned Soy Sauce For Seafood.  Serve hot.

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Fish should be steamed over high heat. Bring the water in the wok to the boil and start taking the time once you put the fish into the wok. You need about 10 minutes for a fish weighing 1 catty; then add 2 minutes for each additional tael. To enhance the flavour of the Lee Kum Kee Seasoned Soy Sauce For Seafood, warm up the soy sauce using the residual heat of the pan after cooking the oil. Then drizzle over the fish. Remember not to bring the soy sauce to the boil.

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