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Oyster Sauce: A Chinese Culinary Legend

Oyster Sauce, a major condiment in Chinese cooking, was invented only a hundred years ago, yet it has profoundly influenced Cantonese culinary culture, brought about a myriad of versatile dishes, and become an essential food seasoning in our daily life.

The invention of Oyster Sauce

Its inventor, Lee Kum Sheung opened a tiny eatery and made his living selling cooked oysters. One day, he was cooking oyster as usual, but he lost track of time. He noticed that the normally clear oyster soup had turned into a thick, brownish sauce with the most fragrant smell and unique, delicious taste which he started to sell, turning out to be very popular. So in 1888, he formed Lee Kum Kee to mass produce oyster sauce for sale.

Production Process of Oyster Sauce

The fresh oysters that Lee Kum Kee uses are grown in the inner bays where seawater and fresh water converge. Oysters are harvested from the fields, they are immediately sent to workshops cleaned and then boiled for more than ten hours to produce a highly concentrated, brownish oyster extract. Concentrated oyster extract that has passed all the tests will then enter a fully automated production cycle which complies with international food production standards, thus hygiene is ensured.

Oyster Sauce and Cantonese Cuisine
The unique and rich taste of oyster sauce can draw out and enhance food flavour. Without the use of the oyster sauce, even the most luscious delicacy, such as dried seafood, will taste insipid. The golden color of oyster sauce also adds luster to the food, making it look more appealing. Oyster sauce is an ideal sauce mix because of its smooth and full texture, and balanced consistency. Its attributes go well with the different styles of Cantonese cooking.